Tenute Aliani

Olive Oil

The products

Very fine extra virgin olive oil from Umbrian and Apulian olive groves with strictly cold pressing.

Sweet on the palate but with a pleasantly fruity aroma, Tenute Aliani oil is versatile, ideal for enhancing the flavors of each dish without overlying them.

A product of excellent quality, with hints that range from artichoke to almond, from tomato to freshly cut grass, which blends perfectly with the skills and experience of those who work daily to ensure its uniqueness and strong character.

The high quality of our oil is the result of careful and constant research, choice and care for the raw material at each stage of the production process. The transformation process is constantly monitored by experienced and specialized personnel with many years of experience in the sector and it does not contain any chemical treatment.

The Selection

During the growing age, the extra virgin olive oil proved is particularly important. Extraordinarily rich in Vitamin A, vitamin E and unsaturated fats, extra virgin olive oil has a fat composition very similar to breast milk.

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