Tenute Aliani

The Castle

The History

The Ramazzano Castle, to which the town owes its name, was built in the XII century by the Ramazzani family, to which it will belong from 1097 until the end of the sixteenth century. The castle was restored over time, and it preserves the Guelph merlon, the tower, the internal courtyard with a well connected to the basements, and the apartments with frescoed rooms.

Its ancient bulk overlooks a fertile agricultural area with lush vineyards. Wine and the production of healthy and traditional food has long been the centerpiece of these places.

Preserved over the centuries

Now kept as a treasure recognized by the National Cultural Heritage, the Castle is an emblem of the local winemaking tradition, perpetuated and enhanced by the hospitality of the Aliani family whose goal is to offer extraordinary moments of Italian, Umbrian and medieval traditional life.

Elegant rooms for your most important events

The Ramazzano Castle offers very elegant rooms embellished with frescoes on the ceilings, for your events and private parties. The warm and reserved environments welcome guests in the atmospheres of the year 1097, in the enveloping fireplace lights, in the important frescoes, and the sobriety of the decorations express the refinement of the place suited to your most important events.