Tenute Aliani

About Aliani Family

The project

The restoration and promotion project of the Castle and Wine Cellars was driven by the passion for the land of the Aliani brothers, descendants of generations of farmers.

With all the possible love and dedication, the Aliani family began the recovery of the manor, investing in the development of its vineyards and its medieval cellars.

This is how, today like in the past, hard work has paid off, and the Castle is able to offer incredible moments of relaxation, a few steps away from the centre of Perugia and the excellent wines. The handmade pastas, the finest oil and legumes of the productions Aliani complete a perfect combination of flavors, tradition and healthiness at the centre of history.

Discover the flavors of another era

Discover the food production and the vineyard. The wines produced and selected by Aliani wine cellars are high quality Umbrian wines.